Our Philosophy

Komotion Dance Program was established in 2015 and is founded on the principles of superior dance education, leadership development, and multicultural appreciation. The word "Ko" in Japanese means child. We aim to foster the love of movement and expression in every child we have the privilege of teaching. We're a community, a family, and ultimately...we're kids in motion!

Program Overview

We are excited to kick off our 4th season in August 2018, and hope you'll join us!  In case you're new, here are a few things to note about our program:

  • We LOVE dance. And we LOVE kids. 
  • Classes offered include:  Ballet, Hiphop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Irish Step (including hard shoe), and Bollywood
  • Regular season classes run from late-August through mid-May.  Occasional summer classes are offered, along with our annual summer camp.
  • We recognize that dance is an art form, with many unique variations!  Our team consists of 7 instructors, each specially trained to teach in their discipline.  Check out our instructor bios to meet them!
  • Classes are formed based on age, not ability.  Generally, our classes follow the structure below, however some instructors may modify their age groupings.  Exceptions can be made based on approval from your dancer's instructor(s). 
    • Level 1:  Ages 6-8
    • Level 2: Ages 9-12
    • Level 3:  Ages 13+ 
  • We offer Intro to Dance for our youngest beginner dancers ages 3-4, and Pre-Ballet and Pre-Tap for ages 4-5.
  • We have a dress code that you can find right here on this site.
  • Most classes are open to parent observation, but we do host closed classes at times to prepare for performances.
  • We participate in performance opportunities at many community events throughout the year. We also host a charity performance and an end-of-year recital annually.  We'll announce our 2018-2019 schedule soon!
  • We value leadership, and seek out opportunities to help our dancers learn this important skill. Read more about our leadership program on this site.
  • We aim to create a dance family--inclusive of our dancers, their parents, their friends, and our community.  If you've heard the phrase, Komotion Nation,  you know what we're talking about!  Check out the feed from our Komotion Nation Instagram account below.

More information

2018-2019 Welcome Packet

Dance Class Clothing Requirements

2016-2017 Komotion Video

 2015-2016 Komotion Video

Referral Incentive Video


Online Registration COMING SOON!

We are excited to announce that our registration and enrollment process will be entirely online this year!  Check back soon for a link to sign up your dancer. 


Building leaders at Komotion

We're passionate about building leaders inside and outside the dance classroom. Eligible Komotion dancers have the opportunity to enroll in our Peer Leadership Program, now in its third year. Our Peer Leaders assist in leading level 1 and 2 classes each week, and offer special assistance at our events and performances. We're looking for dancers who want to be challenged, enjoy working with younger students, and have a desire to learn leadership fundamentals. Ask our instructor team for more information.