Welcome to our studio!

Resurrection Movement Studio opened in February 2015, bringing a different approach and attitude to the fitness market in the surrounding area.  RMS is a fitness facility for everyone; from kids and adults to athletes and college students. Founder Hidi Horikoshi is committed to building not just a place where people come to exercise and train, but rather a place where people come to learn and find peace. 

Komotion Dance Program, located inside Resurrection Movement Studio, was also founded in 2015.  Hidi and the Komotion staff offer six dance disciplines including ballet, hiphop, jazz, tap, Irish step, and contemporary for dancers ages 3 and above. Our goal is to provide the community with superior dance education, while fostering the love for dance in each and every dancer.

A movement practitioner, kettlebell specialist, olympic lifting coach,  nutrition coach, certified speed and agility coach, seasoned group fitness instructor, dancer, and passionate follower of Christ, Hidi has been training clients since 2008 and teaching dance for more than a decade.